Footy Tipping
Have you ever thought that you know enough about football that you'd be able to pick enough winners before the first round has even started? Even if you haven't, this is where you go to participate in my year in advance footy tipping competition.

I've been collecting publicly available football statistics for a few years now and am able to present player-by-player and team-by-team Dreamteam graphs and charts. Very handy for Dreamteam players.

Photos Some photos of Old Malta and some Beer labels I made when I did some home brewing.

My Grandfather
the diver
Seven short stories, as told by my Grandfather. He worked a diver during the war. If you know anything about Maltese history, you'd know that Malta was a very unpleasant place to be at that time. That makes what he did even more amazing.

- Get your Conexant based DVB-T TV card up and running.
- My backup and recovery procedure.
- How to set up sshfs with autofs.